Sunday, November 20, 2005

NFL Draft: 2006...Another QB Sweepstakes??

It can pretty much be assumed that the first pick in the first round is 99% of the time going to be a QB, a RB, or even a WR. Every now and then you get a first pick that comes out of nowhere like Orlando Pace (offensive lineman for the St. Louis Rams), but generally speaking the first pick usually goes to the three positions I mentioned above. This coming NFL draft is going to be no different than the norm, however, I do think that a lot of people are going to be surprised by the first picks. Here is why...

Right now the Houston Texans are in last place with a 1-9 record. I am no psychic, but I can pretty much assure you that they will probably have the first pick in the NFL draft this coming spring. The Teams in contentions for the second and third pick are the Saints, Jets, and the 49er's who are all 2-8. The Packers arent too far off with a 2-7 record. The next worst record after those is the Baltimore Ravens (sigh...tear) with a 3-7 record. Now, lets assume that the NFL Draft order will look like this:

Texans, Jets, Saints, 49ers, Packers, and the Ravens. Those are the top six picks in the NFL Draft...and there are SO many incredible athletes coming out of college this year.

Everyone thinks that the number one pick is going to be Matt Leinart, the QB from USC. But I dont think he will go first. I think that the Texans will take Reggie Bush, RB from USC, as their first pick and the first pick in the NFL Draft. Why? The Texans have David Carr already. He is young, he is going to be a good QB in the NFL and the Texans havent really surrounded Carr with a whole lot of talent offensively. The Texan's number one RB right now, Domanick Davis, is also going to become a free agent at the end of the year. Don't expect the Texans to re-sign him. He has been unproductive and injury prone since they signed him in 2003. I think adding a RB of Reggie Bush's caliber to the Texans will alleviate some of the pressure on Carr and open up their passing game much more.

So, now onto the second pick from the New York Jets. The Jet's franchise invested a lot into Chad Pennington. Pennington had the potential to be one of the better passing QB's in the NFL along with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, but Pennington cant seem to shake season ending injuries..he is done. He may not be done entirely, but I can guarantee you that the Jets are going to draft a QB and Matt Leinart is the perfect candidate for the Jet's organization. I would expect the Jets to draft Leinart and start him as a rookie and let him get into the mix of things in the NFL. Leinart will be a solid QB for the Jet's organization.

The Saints are an interesting picture. Aaron Brooks is a roller-coaster QB who always puts up solid numbers at the QB position, and is definitely one of the more mobile QB's in the NFL, but for some reason Brooks lacks that spark that can get the Saint's offense into gear and winning games. Their defense doesnt help matters much either, which is why I think that the Saints could go one of two ways. They could draft another QB who will rid the bench until Brook's contract is up or they could draft a defensive star to regain some sort of defensive control in games. I think the latter is more of a viable option for the Saints. I can sincerely see the New Orleans Saints drafting the defensive end from Penn State, Tamba Hali, or perhaps one of the many sick linebackers coming out this year in the draft like AJ Hawk from Ohio State, Chad Greenway from Iowa, Pierre Woods from Michigan, DeMeco Ryans from Alabama, or maybe even my boy D'Qwell Jackson from Maryland. If they did decide to go with an offensive player I could see them drafting Vince Young from Texas or maybe Omar Jacobs from Bowling Green for a future QB.

Next on my list of predictions is the 49ers. They picked Alex Smith last year, so they dont need another QB. What doesnt this team need though? They have decent linebackers, their secondary is shaky, their best D-Lineman is Bryant Young who has been in the league for 11 seasons now. I definitely can see the 49ers taking a defensive player as their first pick. If they did go with an offensive pick the only two positions I could see them going after are a receiver or a RB. So, maybe Santonio Holmes from Ohio State or Mike Haas from Oregon State for a WR? As far as a RB perhaps DeAngelo Williams from Memphis who is averaging 180 yards per game or Laurence Maroney from Minnesota. I think that those would be their best options, but ultimately I think that the 49ers need to pick a top defensive player.

The Green Bay Packers are probably one of the most respected teams in the NFL, if not the most respected team in the NFL. Favre is one of the best QB's to play the game, which is fantastic for their first round pick of Aaron Rogers last year because he gets to watch and learn from one of the greatest to play the game. The Packer's have receivers in Driver and Walker. They have a RB, Ahman Green, if they can keep him healthy, and they have a good O-Line. If the Packers picked an offensive player it would probably be a RB because of Green being inconsistent with his health. The Packers could take Williams from Memphis, or Maroney from Minnesota, or possibly Adrian Peterson from Oklahoma (though I doubt he will come out because he is only a junior and can definitely make a run for the Heisman next year).

With the sixth pick this year the Baltimore Ravens absolutely need to get a QB with some sort of presence on the field. Boller is a joke and Anthony Wright is a decent back up, but not a starting QB. The Raven's defense is rivaled as one of the best in the NFL and will be next year as well, their offensive line is stacked, their receivers are solid, and their running backs are always a threat. Jamal Lewis is having a terrible year, so that poses some thoughts on whether or not he will return in Baltimore next year, but I doubt the Ravens organization will give away a running back who in 2003 rushed for 2066 yards and 14 TD's. Whenever a team plays the Ravens they look to stop the run because they have no passing threat, so Lewis is going to have a tough time in every game until the Ravens get a passing threat. Ergo, they will draft a QB this year in the Draft. Kellen Clemens from Oregon is a good idea, Tyler Palko from Pitt is a good idea, Reggie McNeal from Texas A&M is a fantastic idea, and so is Brad Smith from Missouri. Being that the Ravens are a power run style of team I think that having a QB with good pocket passing capabilities will suit them a little better which is why I think they will go after someone with pocket presence like Tom Brady and the like. Brady Quinn from Notre Dame looks good...but so did Rick who knows how Quinn could turn out...Drew Olsen from UCLA looks good too. The Ravens will definitely draft a QB this year...they fucking better...haha.

Well folks, thats all I have for now.

Enjoy your spaghetti.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Time Lines and Goals...Or Wal-Mart's and McDonald's?

So, the Senate recently voted to force the Bush Administration to present progress reports (that will be updated regularly) to Congress so they can establish some sort of "plan" to strategically finish in Iraq and pull our troops out for good. Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) said that this attachment to the Pentagon's 491 billion dollar spending bill was essentially a vote of "no confidence" in the Bush Administration. Reid also went on to say that, currently, the situation in Iraq is just running around aimlessly because there is no specific goal other than W's "defending freedom and democracy". I think we have accomplished that...maybe.

I really have to laugh at this. I think that Reid and the rest of Congress is very much deserving of some sort of strategic plan that has a plausible outcome in which our soldiers can return home, but lets be honest here and lets be realistic. We didn't even remove our troops from Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War in the early 90's, what makes us think that our troops are going to be returned home now? That is one of the contributing factors to Islamic fundamentalists hating us so much. They hate us for the obvious reasons: democracy vs. theocracy, capitalism, women's rights, equality for all, etc. But when we left our troops over in the Persian Gulf area AFTER the war was over, that just pissed them off even more. Because now we were bringing our western culture right smack in the middle of their world and we look around at them and ask "What's the problem?"

The fact of the matter is that our troops are not coming home anytime soon. Iraq is going to be the United State's little brother now. Whenever we need oil, we have access to it. Whenever we need allies, we have one. They may not like us all the time, but by us liberating them and essentially installing a pseudo-democratic political system for them, they will have to answer to us. Because like any normal "Big Brother", if the little brother gets snappy, the big brother will kick his ass.

I would like to see our troops return home for good. I would like to see Iraq a free state and unfortunately, I don't think that is going to happen. They will be a free state, but we are going to not allow them to do it on their own because by being the USA, we know best. What amazes me is that the US government doesn't realize that by us providing a crutch for them, they are going to have a tough time functioning on their own when we get bored with them.

I think Carlos Mencia said it best when discussing the War In Iraq: "Iraqi's...You better learn how to say 'Supersize!' Cause we ain't leaving!"
Football, not Futbal

Well, I know I went on a rant not too long ago about the whole TO situation, and dont you worry, I will touch on him later. As for now I think I would rather talk about some interesting things and some predictions that I have for the rest of the season and into the NFL draft this coming spring.

As any sports analyst will tell you, nothing is really decided till the very end, and that really seems to be the way the NFL is going this year.


Who knew the Bengals would be tearing things up with a record of 7-2 when last year the only big news about the Bengals was them trading Corey Dillon to the Patriots. The Bengals are definitely going to the post season and it wouldnt surprise me to see them upset the favored powerhouse of the AFC North Division, the Steelers. Though the Bengals are doing well this year, there is no way that they will make it past the Colts in the playoffs...thats even if they get a chance at the Colts.

Speaking of the Patriots, Steelers, and Colts has anyone noticed that their star QB's have really been in the limelight this year? Last year when ever someone mentioned the Steelers it was Ben Roethlisberger, or when someone mentioned the Colts it was Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady for the Patriots. Granted, they are having spectacular seasons...but you wouldn't really know that unless you followed the teams. Roethlisberger will most likely lead the Steelers to the playoffs again, but there is no way they can defeat the Colts. The Patriots currently standing at 5-4 are leading the AFC East (which is no surprise at all considering the other three teams in the division are the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets), but I would be surprised if the Patriots made a run for the Super Bowl again this year. Sorry Tom Brady, Peyton's defense has your number this year. The Colts are phenominal. This is the type of team that you look at on paper and think to yourself "There is no way this team could ever lose to anyone." The real factor for the Colts being 9-0 right now is their defense, and as I called it back in week one, the Colts are going to the Super Bowl, and yes, I do think they will win the Super Bowl.

The other big surprises in the AFC are the Chargers, the Broncos, and the Raiders. If you had asked me to pick the best team out of that bunch I definitely would have put them in order like so: Chargers, Raiders, Broncos. The Broncos QB, Jake Plummer, has had mediocre seasons his entire career, but for some reason Plummer has just gone balls-to-the-wall this season. I also think Mike Shannahan is one of the best head coaches ever for the sole fact that he consistently finds these running backs that no one else would take a chance on and turns them into hall-of-famers with the snap of a finger. Can anyone say Terrell Davis? The Chargers are a team that I definitely would have put money on for being a Super Bowl contender, not that they are totally out of the running just yet, but their record is 5-4 in a division led by the 7-2 Broncos. LT is one of the best, if not the best running back in the NFL and Drew Brees solidified himself last season as a productive young QB. Their defense is solid, their offense is good as well. Where are they falling short? In my opinion I feel that their biggest weakness on offense is their deep threat in the passing game. Keenan McCardell and Eddie Parker are solid receivers, but their leading receiver is their tight end, Antonio Gates. Sure a TE can be the big playmaker for an offense, look at Shannon Sharpe for the Broncos or Jay Novacek for the Cowboys, but any defense going to play the Chargers has two key focuses: 1. Stop LT, 2. Lock up Antonio Gates. If I were the Chargers I would look to deal Phillip Rivers to a team in the NFL for a high draft pick or a big play receiver. I know there are a lot of teams looking for a QB, especially one of Rivers' potential, like the Dolphins, Bills, Jets, Ravens, Lions, Cardinals, Chiefs, and the Brownies. I think the Raider's are probably one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL slightly behind that of the Eagles' season as of now. The Raiders went out and got Randy Moss, though an asshole he is still the most talented Wide Receiver in the game right now. One would think that Moss and Jerry Porter would give vet QB Kerry Collins and ton of opportunity to win games, but sadly Collins doesn't seem to want to win very much and the raiders are a lousy 3-6 in a conference where anything less than 11 wins probably won't get you into the post-season picture. Collins has thrown 6 TD's and 14, COUNT'EM, 14 interceptions. How in the world could you not throw 40 touchdowns in a season with receivers like Moss and Porter? Broncos - playoffs and potential AFC championship game against the Colts. Chargers - strong season end, wild card, nothing more. Raiders - draft a QB and another anchor for the defense, better luck next season.

Moving On....this has turned out to be a longer blog than I thought, but I hope you are enjoying this...I worked hard on it :-)


I cannot remember the last time the NFC has put up multiple teams with 12 or more wins (by multiple I mean in comparisson to the AFC who usually has 3 or more each year). The obvious favorite going into this season was the Philly Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons. The NFC East division (Redskins, Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants) is always a dogfight and each game is probably more heated than any rival in the AFC. I would compare those games to Yankee- Red Sox games, but more fun to watch on TV. Right now the NFC East leader is separated by 1-2 games at most.

Unfortunately, the Eagles (whom I generally don't really care for but enjoy watching because they are a great team) have had so much inner-turmoil with the whole TO situation that their season was pretty much over before it really even got started. I feel bad for McNabb because he plays his hardest each game while he is obviously hurting, but this just isnt his season. I am still a bit puzzled why their offensive strategy was so focused on big plays and passing the ball a hundred million times per game and running it only a handful of times. It is true that Brian Westbrook is much better out of the backfield as a receiver, but he is still a huge threat as a runner. I thtink that the Eagles picking up Lamar Gordon from the Jags was a good move. Gordon is not a starting RB by any means, but he offers a more 'power-back' style of running, which is good for short yardage plays and running up the middle. Without the deep threat of TO the Eagles are handed two things: 1. Team Unity and less drama, and 2: Unproven receivers Greg Lewis and Reggie Brown. Lewis and Brown are decent receivers and have stepped up to the challenge nicely. Both are so young though, Brown is a rookie, that no one in Philly is sure of what to make of them. However, Philly fans all around are sure hoping that they turn out to be some demonic force that will catch anything McNabb's hefty arm will throw at them. Right now, the Eagle's main offensive threats are Westbrook and TE LJ Smith. LJ Smith is going to be one of the best TE's in the league right up there beside Algae Crumpler and Antonio Gates. I predict that the Eagles will finish last in the NFC, not by much though...maybe 7-9 or 8-8, and they don't have much of a shot at going to the playoffs being that they are 0-3 against their division rivals. If I were the Eagles I would probably bench McNabb for the rest of the season so he can have surgery to fix his sports hernia and be recoverred in time for spring workouts. I would also throw Ryan Moats into the mix. They drafted him, might as well see what he can do! Who knows, maybe he will be good enough to work into the second RB position next year and take the place of the hopeless Correll Buckhalter.

The Cowboys are anchored by their defense. Period. Parcells drafted Ware and Spears and switched his defensive scheme over to a 3-4 as opposed to the 4-3/cover 2 he ran last year. This has done wonders for a team who had a mediocre defense last year. Roy Williams is one of the sickest safties in the game, obviously with respects to Brian Dawkins of the Eagles and Rodney Harrison of the Patriots. I mean, the guy cause the NFL to create a new penalty because of him. Thats pretty bad ass. The Cowboys offense is much more productive this year after acquiring Terry Glenn and Drew Bledsoe...mainly Bledsoe. I feel like Bledsoe is the new Dan Marino. He always puts up good numbers and is a good leader on and off the field, but I cant ever see him winning the big time. I think the Cowboys can make the playoffs as a wild card, but its going to be a tough tough dog fight for them.

I think the New York Giants solidify my claim and belief that the QB position is the position that can really make, or break, a team. Of course you know that, that makes sense right? Well during the Bill's "hey-day" Jim Kelly was a solid QB, but he wasnt great...they made Super Bowl appearances because of Thurman Thomas and their defense. Hell, Mark Rypen from the Redskins in the late 80's/early 90's was never looked at as a hall of famer QB, but he had ridiculous running backs and receivers. BUT, if a team has solid receivers and a ridiculous QB, they are damn tough to beat. End of Story. So, now that Eli Manning has started to come into his own as a stand out QB in the NFL, the Giants are a force to be reckoned with and could quite possibly represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. It would be tough, but definitely feasible.

Shaun Alexander is having the season that every RB in the NFL dreams about and gets a chubby when thinking about it. The Seahawks have only played 9 games and Alexander already has posted 17 TD's. When you have a RB with Alexander's talent and the veteran arm of Matt Hassleback you get a very explosive offense. Alexander does have a tremendous amount of talent and I believe he will be nominated for Canton in the future, but do not forget that RB's are nothing without their offensive line and my friends, the Seahawk's O-line is one of the best in the league.

At the beginning of the season everyone picked the Carolina Panthers as the favorite to win the NFC and go onto the Super Bowl. I was skepticle of this claim and I still am a little skepticle. I know they are a good team offensively and defensively but for some reason the Panthers going all the way just doesnt make a whole lot of sense to me. Delhomme came out of nowhere and has been hooking up with receiver Steve Smith every chance they get. Steve Smith was also putting up good numbers last year...then he got hurt. I don't know about the Panthers going all the way, especially being in the same division with the Falcons and the Buccaneers who are only a game behind the Panthers. I think if the Panthers can keep Smith healthy they have a good shot at the playoffs as well as in the playoffs.

Super Bowl Prediction: Colts win over the Falcons 42-21
NFL MVP: Shaun Alexander
Offensive Player of the Year: Shaun Alexander
Defensive Player of the Year: Dwight Freeney or Brian Urlacher
Rookie of the Year: Kyle Orton or Demarcus Ware

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

When Things Are Left Unsaid...

For some reason people sometimes think that just letting something go is the best way to handle situations. Though this may be true in some cases, I feel that telling people exactly what you think and feel about that specific moment is the only way to really deal with it and move on. Maybe it's just me, but I know for a fact that I would rather have someone tell me off and start a possible argument for the sake of dealing with it than not say anything at all. A lot of people think that I am a pretty confrontational person, and to a certain degree they are correct in their assumptions. However, I am a firm believed in brutal honesty...sometimes the truth hurts, but you know what? At least you can always expect an honest answer from me whether you want one or not. Why do I do this? It's simple really. I make it a point to be honest with everyone about everything because then my friends know exactly where I stand on the matter. I don't believe that any of my friends could ever look at a situation and think to themselves "I dont know how Lucky would feel about this." Fuck that, I dont want that to ever happen. I want my friends and relatives to look at a situation and know exactly how I would feel about it.

Do I jeopardize being nice sometimes? Of course, but I don't think that I am a huge asshole or a mean person, I just favor being blunt and to the point. When you are too nice you get walked all over. Why? Because people see you as a target for being a pushover. I cannot tell you how many friends I have who are just too nice sometimes and then they get shit on by the people who they are too nice towards, which causes them to get pissed about it later after the "shitting" has been done. Being shat on can be avoided just by simply saying to yourself "I deserve better than that and they need to respect me for being a nice person by NOT taking advantage of my kindness." When you can do that you will feel much better about yourself and your situation. I guarantee that you won't be shit on anymore.

Do I say things that are sometimes inappropriate? Yes, of course I do. I don't exactly mean to offend someone, but dammit if it comes down to my integrity and self-worth vs. someone's comfort level...I think you know which I value more. If I am telling the truth about something and someone around me gets offended, that isnt exactly my problem. 9 times out of 10 it is their problem for not being able to handle or deal with the truth of the matter.

To all of you out there who might get a chance to read this, do me a favor. Stop letting people walk all over you because you want to save face and be viewed upon as a nice guy. It is possible to be viewed as a nice guy and not be walked all over. Stop giving into people's guilt trips so easily because they made you feel bad for them. Pity never helps anyone with anything. And stop putting other's feelings and comfort above your own, because YOU deserve to feel good about the situation and YOU deserve to be comfortable too. There are such things as happy mediums, but coming to a happy medium sometimes just delays the inevitable: you are still allowing others to push you around and walk all over you.

Just be yourself, be assertive, and don't take shit from someone because you dont want to offend or hurt them. In this day and age you should always be numero-uno and everyone else is secondary. Why? Because you are the only one who knows what is best for you and you are the only one who you can depend on 100% of the time.

Some cool new albums to scope out...

System of A Down - Hypnotize
Thrice - Vheissu
Danger Doom

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Moderate Complaints, Great Hangouts, and Fair Warnings...

Wow, what a great weekend. Well, sorta.

Roupes got out here on Thursday, which was fantastic because I had no idea that terrorism did not occurr on Fridays. So, we went out and got a case of hand-grabbers (10 oz. Bud Lights) and we drank and then went over to Good Year where we hung out witha very mixed crowd of people. On a whole it was a decent hang out, but rumors carried the night into chaos and of course my awful comments created a few beer -clanking - cheers in my direction; which is always nice. At one point Roupes was in the fetal-position outside after one of my comments. I wont get into what my comment/conversation actually was because it really is not as funny when you werent there. My apologies.

Drinking for 8 hours straight by mixing bei ruit beer with Tilt is not a good idea at all. Tilt, I'm not really sure what it is, but from what I gathered after drinking a few of them is that they are basically 2 monsters combined with nearly 7% alcohol...i dont know why because Red Bull Vodkies never did much damage to me (other than the damage it is supposed to inflict), but these damn Tilts messed me up something good. And I dont mean messed me up in the good sense. I was hurting so bad that I got sick multiple times the rest of the night. Not to mention the fact that I passed out from 6:00pm - 11:00pm. Roupes came back to my room around that time and complained of the same ailments.

My advice to you out there in blog world...DO NOT DRINK TILT. GETTING 'TILTED' IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.

Ok, thats all I really have for now. I am planning on posting a few things this week, so be sure to check back later this week.

Oh!! Just so you all know the Tampa Bay Buccanneers DID NOT win that game tonight against the skins, though there isnt "conclusive" evidence to show that Mike Alstott didnt get the ball over the goal line, if you really think about it, the elbow that he was carrying the ball with hit the ground first...with the ball clutched to his chest...there is no way he could have extended the ball over the goal line without the ball being visible or knocked free from his hands...WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY THEY SHOULD HAVE OVER-TURNED THE PLAY. Fucking zebras...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hey all,

Just throwing this out there, but if you want to read some cool shit written by my homies...well, i guess thats ok.

This blog is updated constantly by a current prof of mine here at Dickinson College. Prof. Sartwell is one of the funniest and interesting profs to interact with here at Dickinson. I highly suggest you read his stuff.

The next two are by two really good friends of mine:
If you want to talk shop with someone about politics and current affairs, Smenis is your man.
I highly suggest you visit this site if you have any puzzling questions or situations. Roupes knows all.

That is all for now.
TO Who???

It really boggles my mind how someone can be so fucking arrogant. I mean, being confident is one thing...and even being cocky to a certain degree is not that bad. TO is on a WHOLE other level when it comes to arrogance, cockiness, and vanity.

First of all, the fact that he would publically say "He needs to feed his family too" in a city like Philadelphia where the average Joe makes less than $35,000 a year is utterly ridiculous and I am surprised that the citizens of Philly have not mobbed his house yet and run him out of town. Secondly, if he thought that the contract he signed two years ago was a little bogus, why didn't he bring that up then?? Perhaps he didn't think he was worth more money than that at that given moment? I think everyone will agree with me when I say that is HIGHLY unlikely.

Onto more recent events:

TO said during an interview that the Eagles would be better if Brett Favre were their QB instead of Donovan McNabb. He also stated that the Eagles organization lacks "class and integrity" because they didn't make a big deal about him getting his 100th TD reception.

Well Mr. Owens, I have a few things that I would like to say to you. Not that you will read my blog, because I know you and Drew have more important things to deal what NFL organization you plan to fuck up next.

1. Brett Favre is one of the best QB's that has ever played the game. That being said, ANY team that Favre is on is going to be that much better because of his professionalism and pride; both of which you lack severely.
2. McNabb is a completely different QB than Favre is and the Eagle's offense is tailored to him (not to you which I think is the biggest reason you aren't playing well with aren't the star in Philly). McNabb brings so much to the table as QB how can you ever possibly say that bringing in another QB would better the situation? McNabb has been with the Eagle's franchise his entire career...taken them to a number of playoff appearances, NFC Championships, and a Superbowl...but I am sure the front office would trade McNabb in a heartbeat because you think he isn't good enough...get a fucking clue man.
3. Maybe the organization would have celebrated your 100th TD catch if you didn't prance around like a moron every time you score. From the way you act after you score, one would think that you have never scored a TD before. Seriously, a sharpie, pom poms, tearing signs down, dancing, waiting tables, what could the Eagles organization have done as a celebration that you haven't already done for each previous TD? Here is an idea, be a professional toss the ball back to the Umpire, run off to the sidelines, shake McNabb's hand because you couldnt have caught it unless he threw it, and sit your ass down on the bench and root for the special teams and the defense.

I grew up on the Washington Redskins and the Baltimore Ravens. So, those are the two teams that I route for. Part of me is happy to see the Eagle's flop around on the field and lose games that they smoked the previous season, but the other part of me feels for them and the fans very much. I knew when the Ravens tried to get TO and he wouldn't go there because he wanted to go to a team that has "Super Bowl capabilities" even though the Ravens have won more Super Bowl's than the Eagles have in the past ten years. TO is such a phenominal athlete and it just bugs me to see someone of his capabilities act like an infant. Right now the Eagles are in last place in the NFC East with a record of 4-4. The NFC East is, by far, the most talented division in the NFL and each year is a dogfight for first place and the talent of TO could be greatly useful to the Eagles, but his drama and attitude is not worth his talent. Not having TO will also allow receivers Greg Lewis and Reggie Brown to step up and make big plays for the Eagles and help them win games. Reggie Brown had a fantastic game against the Redskins this past Sunday night catching 5 passes for 94 yards including their only touch down of the night. Look for the Eagles to turn things around because now they don't have to worry about TO running his mouth on the field.

Good riddance is all I have to say. I feel bad for any team that gets to have his "talent" in their locker room next season, cause it won't be the Eagles.
Butt Pirates of Africa

So, in case some of you had not noticed the blazing headlines "Pirate Attacks" on CNN a few days ago I will go ahead and fill you in...

Apparently a cruise ship was heading from Egypt down to another area of southern Africa (why people would want to go to Africa in today's day-and-age beats the hell out of me, but...). Anyway, the cruise ship was off the coast of Somalia (a wonderful place to visit during spring I hear) and two heavily armed "pirate ships" decided to attack this cruise ship and plunder it for all its riches. These two "pirate ships" were armed with grenade launchers and assorted machine guns and were only 25 feet in length. I'm sorry, but that is really funny. Two 25-foot boats were going to take over a massive ocean-liner...possible...but stupid. According to CNN the captain attempted to "run one of the ships over" and then when that failed the cruise ship "out ran" the pirate vessels.

The idiocy of this event is by far one of the funnier circumstances I have witnessed in world security. Especially because when I think of a pirate I think of something like this:

Not this:

On a side note: There have been 24 pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia since March of 2005. What does this tell us? DONT FUCKING SAIL OFF THE COAST OF SOMALIA!!! Of course these people on the cruise ship probably had no idea about the likes of Black Beard wannabes making people walk the plank for their great grandmother's pearl necklace.

I understand if you don't find the humor in this, but look at it from my perspective. When I first read this I pictured a bunch of Somalians crusing around the Indian Ocean in a huge galley (because pirates used galleys) wearing eye patches and saying "RRRRRrrrrrr" a lot. I mean, come on, if you are going to be classified as a pirate you might as well dress the part.

I wonder if they celebrate and take the day off for "National Talk Like A Pirate Day"

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The True Colors Of Friends and Enemies...

What exactly is a friend? What qualities does a friend portray that makes you think and feel that they really do value the relationship that they have with you? These are questions that everyone should ask themselves about their friends. In life we all are blessed with people that we surround ourselves with and call our friends, but when you really get to the core of the relationship are they a friend?

In my opinion a true friend exemplifies these specific qualities-

1. They are there for you.
2. They don't lie to you.
3. They are considerate of you.
4. They don't put you in awkward situations.
5. They respect you and your beliefs, though they may differ in theirs.

These simple, but important aspects are what make up a true friend.

As I grow older and experience people and being to see them for who they really are I am becoming less and less able to trust people and to respect people. I can't have a friend who I don't respect or trust. Because then it just becomes an awkward situation and as I stated above, a true friend doesn't put you in awkward situations.

People who consider others to be their friends need to seriously examine exactly what their relationship consists of and whether or not that person is worthy of a friendship like that. You can consider yourself lucky if you have one good friend in your lifetime and if you have more than that somewhere along the line you are going to see the true colors of people and this will allow you to determine whether or not they are in fact a friend. Unfortunately society has instilled this sense of urgency to find friends and to become part of something when most people in society have no idea who the hell they really are, let alone who their friends really are.

Find yourself and you will find your friends.

My homies:

Friday, November 04, 2005


My buddy Neff did this on his computer. Kinda creepy...he likes making pictures of me. I think he might be in love with me.

If you have not seen The Stephen Colbert Report, I suggest you get off your ass and watch this show.

The shot is basically a by-product of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show on Comedy Central, but the major difference is that Jon Stewart produces a lot of factual information and makes fun of the obviously humorous aspects of the piece. The Stephen Colbert Report, on the other hand, produces less information and much more outrageous claims and offensive humor. I love it.

The first time I had watched this show Stephen Colbert was doing a piece on the passing of Rosa Parks.

This is how he introduced the piece...

"So, Rosa Parks died yesterday...which leads us to the word of the day: OVERRATED"

My jaw, literally, hit the floor. And for those of you who know me know that it is damn near impossible to make me offended. I could not believe that this nerdy guy was saying these things on national television.

Anyway, I highly suggest you go and watch this show. You may not find it funny, but I promise it will make you uncomfortable.

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