Wednesday, December 21, 2005

New Post Soon, I've been busy....ok, no I havent. But I will post something soon.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Energy Drinks, Smokes, 3:00 AM, and Oblivion...

I really cannot wait for the days when I don't have to worry about completing a term paper, or study non-stop for a final that I probably won't remember 30 minutes after taking the damn thing...College is almost done for me and I am actually quite happy about it.

I know that in "3 years" I will probably think back to the long, sleepless nights spent sitting in front of a computer screen and become nostalgic, but in truth, college for me was a lot like the timeless slogan for pledging: "The best time of your life you never want to do again."

College was great. I made more lifelong friends than I ever thought possible, I gained a new respect for alcohol and other recreational substances, I learned more about life in four years of being hungover in class than I could have ever learned in grade school. Being hungover in a three-hour seminar class will really build character...haha...yes it will...

Though there are many aspects that I will miss, I truthfully don't think those will ever be able to topple my excitement for starting a career and living on my own. The thought of being able to actually afford something other than Natty Light is quite satisfying. Now, don't get me wrong, Natty Light is just fine, but I would much rather relax to the bold flavor of a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or maybe even a whiskey on the rocks if it was a long day at the grind.

I dont know, it really hasn't hit me yet that I am done college, hell done with school for all intents and purposes, but I do plan to go to grad school at some point down the road.

As for now...time to reduce the student loans ten-fold...boy that is something I can't wait to do...(insert cynical look here)

Monday, December 05, 2005

A capella: A Hope and Prayer for American Idol Rejects...

I have been working for the Events Support office of Dickinson College for approximately four years now. Working for them as a Sound Technician, I have been exposed to a plethora of events that I probably would not have given a second thought otherwise. I have seen Jesse Ventura speak on physical and mental health. I have also helped "run sound" for Good Charlotte, SUM41, Jurrasic 5, and a bunch of other bands. However, though I have "run sound" for many different events that I really enjoyed after the show was over, there is one event that I loathe more than anything. A capella shows. I fucking hate A capella. I don't know, maybe it's the fact that here at Dickinson College the pool of students who can actually sing is severely limited, or maybe it's the fact that a group of people covering a song that was perfectly fine to begin with is a tad bit obnoxious. I mean, there are really good respectable A capella groups like Rock-Apella, but I even good A capella I still cannot bring myself to nod my head and think "wow, that's pretty good!"

Obnoxious Factor #1-
For some reason these "vocalists" think that they know everything about audio production, so I am constantly having to fend off A capell-ists telling me that they need a little more 5K in their monitor speaker, or the low-end in their microphone is a little too much and they need the percussion to bleed through their monitor a little more. I guarantee you that 99% of the so-called vocalists that I have come into contact with have no fucking clue what 5K is in regards to sound.

Obnoxious Factor #2-
They don't ever place the correct people in the correct positions for the song that they are performing. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard a rendition of a Rob Thomas song or a Vertical Horizon song that is performed with a soloist who cannot sing, first of all, let alone do justice to the original song. Since they have someone in the back doing the "bops" and "poofs" (which they think is a form of percussion...the last time I checked percussion involved some sort of instrument like a drum...or a tamborine...or a cowbell), why don't they find someone specifically for the "percussion" of an A capella group and make sure that person can actually beat-box somewhat...that could be cool. "Shitty A capella group, featuring Rahzel"

Obnoxious Factor #3
The way they arrange the songs makes no sense whatsoever. Shoops...and wops..and bow wows...and dum dum dums...I guess that is the sound the original song produces...I never really heard it that way, but maybe I am just a retard and have no idea what I am talking about anyway. Nah, that's just stupid, I know I am not a retard. Haha..

Maybe it is just the A capella groups here at Dickinson...maybe it is just because I am that much of a musical enthusiast that I get pissed when a group does injustice to a song...or maybe I just get pissed off when I have to run sound for a bunch of pretentious American Idol wanna-be's. So, in closing, Simon Cowell...those who are utterly terrible and make you cringe...don't worry. There is some college out there offering a shitty A capella group looking for shitty singers to do shitty renditions of shitty songs.

Rickety Rackety - Aesop Rock
It Takes A Seven Nation Army - Apathy
Blood Runs Cold - Jedi Mind Tricks
DARE - Gorillaz