Thursday, October 19, 2006

Middle Class America

The middle class is a purposeful construct, a buffer keeping the poor from the throats of the rich. The continued destruction of the middle class will result in class warfare, social strife, social revolution in our country, if the trend is not reversed

My thoughts in regards to the above quote:

The quote is right on the money, no pun intended, because the middle class is becoming obsolete. The poor get to be supported by government funding and or get government breaks all the while the rich just keep raking in money. I am not going to throw out the "it's not fair" card because life isn't about fairness or a level playing field, but in this case it really isn't fair. It almost seems more worthwhile to become poor to gain access to all of those wonderful programs that assist low-income families.

A classless society would not be the utopia that everyone desires, but the problem is that our social system is headed towards a serious backlash similar to what happened to the USSR in the late 80's/early 90's; so we are looking at a pretty terrible situation anyway. This may not happen tomorrow, I am not saying that, but I do think that it will happen eventually.

A great point that proves that the middle class is being essentially "squished" by the two other classes is the rising costs of colleges and universities. I know I use this as an example often, but the reason I do is because the rich will always be able to pay for college and the poor will always be able to qualify for government aid and financial aid. However, a vast majority of the middle class falls within that range where they don't really qualify for much at all, but they don't really have the money to outright pay for college either. The problem is that college and universities plug you and your parents into an equation with minimal factors involved and quite literally compute you into a number and if that number is above their minimal financial aid number then you wont qualify for aid; maybe a little, but certainly not enough.

Another example would be the rise of inflated costs vs. the average wage. The wages do not increase with inflation, which makes your money deteriorate more and more with each percent of inflation.

The middle class will eventually cease.

There are things that can be done, but the government is all composed of the rich, so they dont care and arent going to jump to their feet to do anything.


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