Sunday, September 24, 2006


200 years ago the average "Joe" could just walk around his town, county, and state gathering support from everyone he spoke with and get elected into office. Maybe not the Presidency right away, but it wasn't out of question for people to use such grassroots-esque methods to get their voice heard and gain a following which would vault them into the political arena. Back then being a politician wasn't just a job, but more along the lines of a service. The Framers of our constitution had intended on politicians acting as soldiers do in our military; service to our people and our country. So, what happened to all of that? Why is it now that you can have a career in politics? In reality, what do politicians do? It really all comes down to us as a people coming together for a specific purpose and cause.

The "operators" of our government aim to do one thing and that is keep the status quo. Change is bad in their eyes because the "operator's" eyes change will lead to their demise. They are a bunch of wealthy old white men who keep getting wealthier and wealthier as they stay in office and what is worse is that they don't even get wealthy from being in office! They get wealthy from being CEO's of companies that front money for them to remain in office. When anything looks daunting for them they call on the ultra-conservatives and the Christian Right to come in and preach the word of God through politics and then the whiney liberals shout at them from afar because they are too scared to go toe-to-toe with such a large entity. Hence, why we are only given, essentially, two choices for President each 4 years. the Incumbent and someone from the other party.

The problem exists due to Americans becoming too blind and naive to see that by them making a choice between two people that were CHOSEN for us to choose from really isn't making a choice at all, but rather selecting the lesser of two evils. Sure, third party candidates offer other choices for the Presidency, but in all honesty the only third party candidate to ever substantially take away votes from the Republican and the Democratic candidates was Ross Perot when he ran against Bill Clinton and George Bush (1992). It is almost like the "operator's" are dumbing down the American public. Especially the middle class, which ironically enough, happens to be the majority of America! Weird how that works...

The reason why choosing between just two candidates is bull-shit is because how can that be making a free choice? What if both candidates just suck? One of them will be elected no matter what, right? So, what happens if I want to vote for my roomate? I can, but what is the point? Just looking at this system right now, it is very contradictory to what our constitution alotts us as freedoms and rights. We have the right to vote, but only on who they say we can vote for? How does that make any sense whatsoever? How does that make us a free a democratic society? I believe that is more along the lines of drastically teetering on a Constitutional Monarchy...especially when you have families that are ALL involved in the government (Kennedy's, Bush's, etc.)

The thing that really bothers me is that when it comes time for us to briefly glance at our "choices" (if you want to call them that) we are made to feel like scum if we dont "exercise our right to vote". Campaigns from either party tell us it is our civil duty as American Citizens to go and vote. P-Diddy and a bunch of other celebrities tell us to "Vote or Die" on cable network channels and whatnot. In reality though, if either candidate leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth and I choose not to vote for either because I think both of them would make terrible leaders, is that not a vote in itself? I voted to not vote. I am exercising my right to vote by not voting for candidates who I despise and were chosen for me, not by me.

It is all a political ploy. Every bit of it. They seek to only purchase votes and pander to people and make you feel Anti-American if you don't vote. The operators of our once great country have completely bastardized the political system that our terrorist fore-fathers fought and died to achieve.

I say to you all, if you feel that the candidate chosen from the Democratic Party is a loser and you feel that the candidate chosen by the Republican Party is even more of a loser, then I beseech you to exercise your rights and freedoms to be a free-thinker and NOT vote for either of them. That is a choice in itself and that is voting. Don't let political propaganda fool you into thinking that you are Anti-American if you don't exercise your right to vote. They aren't allowing us to fully exercise our rights and they haven't for quite some time, so who is really the Anti-American?

Not voting because you dislike each candidate is making just as much of a statement as voting for either of them. Why vote for someone you dislike slightly less than the other? It isn't worth it and because the operators of our government like to keep things status quo, it isn't like it is going to matter anyway.


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