Thursday, August 31, 2006

Note To Self...

Driving out to Carlisle at 9:00pm and then driving back the next morning only to do an 8-hour move probably isnt the greatest idea in the world...

Then again, I'm sure most people thought that a majority of Leonardo DaVinci's ideas were not too bright.

What does this tell me?

By my method of reasoning above, driving out to Dickinson and then driving back the next morning before an 8-hour move may not be the greatest idea in the world, but it was fun; so it was worth it.


Monday, August 28, 2006

What the hell was I thinking?!

I was just looking back at an old post and i noticed i ended it with a "Good Day To You Rabbit"

I dont know what that means, nor do I remember typing it...weird?

It's kind of funny though.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Home Sweet Home...

You know, whenever I get nostalgic about some of the people I went to high school with all I have to do is look at their myspace pages.


some of them seriously want to make me vomitt. *Enter excrutiating vomitting noises now*

The only person that i went to high school with that i actually still talk to everynow and then and care about makes me so fucking angry. She constantly makes excuses for those shitty people taking dumps on her all the time. And she lets it go, like they didnt do anything wrong at all. I dont know what the deal is with that, but they have done some shitty things to her, one in particular as of late, and she is constantly like "oh you are such a good friend...i love you...blah blah blah" . fuck that. It gets my blood boiling pretty good.

The funny thing is, she will call me out if i do something. Or if I am a dick to her, she will call me out on it. I am the only one she will do that too.

go figure.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

One False Move: You Took Me On

Man things are weird. Lately I have just been so bored. I cant quite explain it, or why I have felt this way, but it just seems like everything is just paused for a while.

Maybe not paused, per se...more along the lines of life's remote control has a "slo-mo" button on it and someone hit things are moving slightly forward, but not enough to really make me jump up and down and then look around wondering what happened.

Predictability...sweet predictability....

I dont know if predictability is a word, but i felt that it worked well there, so for all of you English majors out there, go ahead and cringe now and then get over it.